Great for weddings, anniversaries and any other celebration. Can be your something old, something new, something borrowed and you’ll be something blue if you don’t get these!

These elegant bottle pendant lights are handcrafted in celebrated Walla Walla, Washington by local artists from authentic recycled winery bottles.  Memorable and great keepsakes.  Will make your event stand out.

Choose green, olive or clear bottles. Your choice of rounded top, tapered top, or wide rounded top.  Or be wild and crazy and mix bottle styles and colors!

Comes with both candle (1 each, white) shown in pictures and slide show, AND battery LED light (1 each, flickering amber LED candle, with battery) shown in video below.

Includes glass or ceramic dish base. When burning candle, requires three lucky coins to be placed on the dish under edge of bottle to allow air to circulate.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Note: This product is handcrafted just for you! As a result of the bottle scoring and fracturing process, some minor irregularities may exist along the cut edges. This is normal, and part of the artistic character and authenticity!

Also note that slight variations in bottle color, diameter and height may exist due to the many varieties of available bottles.


Please leave us a message and we will get back to you right away.

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