Welcome to the Walla Walla Wine Bottle Pendant Lights Company

We appreciate you visiting our website, where you’ll discover all of our beautiful, hand-crafted pendant lights and other accessories.

But first, please take a moment to enjoy your free gift, the infamous bluesy tune “Spoiked” by DJ Minteer, compliments of bottlependantlight.com.  As we say, lighting is everything.  It sets the mood of your room, your home, your business.  With the right lighting touches, what better way to settle down with some grooving music and a captivating book or glass of wine?

What is Spoiked?

Click on guitar to listen to or download the bluesy tune Spoiked by DJ Minteer

“For some wild reason on a Friday, I took the day off from work and decided to record a little rockish instrumental tune instead.  Screw the office.  Spoiked was a riff I used to jam around with a few years before so it was a natural place to start.  There is a history to the word Spoiked and to the tune that I’ve never told anyone.  It could be part of a book in the future, who knows.  Needless to say, the recording session was easy and fun.  When my wife came home that afternoon, I played her the recording and she seemed a bit impressed.  She told me that I should do a whole album.  Now, my wife is no schmuck so I usually listen pretty carefully when she has an idea, especially if she mentions it more than once.  I took the apple.”  – DJ Minteer

Please enjoy our little gift to you, just for visiting us.  Cheers.


Please leave us a message and we will get back to you right away.

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